Doing What You Enjoy

So I've been thinking about starting another blog to replace this one. Truth is, this current form seems too general for me. I've always wanted to have a blog dedicated to business and investing. Basically, something that documents what I'm doing and learning in my business, along with what I'm learning, reading and investing in … Continue reading Doing What You Enjoy

No Focus, The Big Deal About Alexa and BIM Technology

I mentioned yesterday how this blog has literally NO focus.....yet. I feel like there needs to be some R&D when it comes to how this whole thing runs going forward. For the last few years I have written what some may classify a journal....debatable. Basically, it's a page of haphazard musings about my day, with links to interesting articles I read and notes about things that cross my mind. The chaos of it all is like a window into, what seems to me anyway, is a ridiculously disorganized brain. I'm being dramatic, but there is some truth to the latter with how it shows on the page.

Blog time will tell.....