Spotify, LeBron James and Game Controller Surgery

I've been working to cut back on head is KILLING me! I'm still trying to find that melody on a daily basis. One thing I love to do is read and learn as much as I can. Sometimes what I'm finding and consuming is beneficial, sometimes not. Depends on my moods I guess. Here's … Continue reading Spotify, LeBron James and Game Controller Surgery

Kraymo’s Weekly Reads

Here's what I was reading this week....How an elite financial adviser created his own financial freedom ( Crain's Wealth )Every Seven Years ( No Mercy / No Malice )Snapchat, Ethereum, Bitcoin, China and India‚ĶBeing a Public Market Venture Capitalist ( Howard Lindzon )Student Debt Is a Major Reason Millennials Aren't Buying Homes ( Bloomberg )Why the … Continue reading Kraymo’s Weekly Reads