Doing What You Enjoy

So I've been thinking about starting another blog to replace this one. Truth is, this current form seems too general for me. I've always wanted to have a blog dedicated to business and investing. Basically, something that documents what I'm doing and learning in my business, along with what I'm learning, reading and investing in … Continue reading Doing What You Enjoy

The Independence of Asking “Why?”

Happy 4th of July! Apologies, this post has nothing to do with the Signing of The Declaration of Independence. The tagline for this blog is "Always Learning". The question I learning anything? Why am I learning? What am I learning? Are YOU, the reader, learning anything from me? Am I creating any kind of … Continue reading The Independence of Asking “Why?”

Spotify, LeBron James and Game Controller Surgery

I've been working to cut back on head is KILLING me! I'm still trying to find that melody on a daily basis. One thing I love to do is read and learn as much as I can. Sometimes what I'm finding and consuming is beneficial, sometimes not. Depends on my moods I guess. Here's … Continue reading Spotify, LeBron James and Game Controller Surgery