Link About It: Saturday 8-17-19

Link lists are nothing new. I personally am a fan. Therefore, on occasion, I will post some articles, videos, or visuals I came upon for the day or week that I found Interesting

U.S. surfboard makers not so stoked about China tariffs (Reuters)

How the Wiffle Ball Came to Be (Smithsonian)

Gross margins are a pretty decent proxy for how good or bad a business is. And this is a sh**ty business (No Mercy/No Malice)

Afghanistan is the only country in Asia or the Middle East where people are still poorer than those alive in 1950 were. (Economist)

Real estate and utility companies are looking dangerously expensive. Plus, Walmart’s a contrarian economic indicator. (Bloomberg)

“The only thing I want is for people to stop seeing me naked” (The Washington Post)

Bond Proxies Are Not as Safe as They Appear (Bloomberg)

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