Note For Nothin’

Where did I write that?

I note things all over the place. Corners of paper lying on my desk, random notebooks, corners of random notebooks, sketchbooks; pretty much anything within reaching distance.

The sheet metal shop is full of notes scrawled on scrap metal with a sharpie. If I’m walking through the shop and get a call, the nearest surface will be jotted upon for sure.

OneNote, Evernote, Workflowy, Little Outliner, Moleskine, Scrap Paper. They are worth trying if you take notes like I do. I’ve tried them all, hoping to find that magic place where all my notes congregate. Unfortunately, none have prevailed. The failure is clearly with me.

I can’t seem to focus on one at a time. Some days OneNote feels right; other days I may enjoy using a plain old notebook. For whatever reason, none of them ever feel sufficient. So I default to my fail safe, whatever free surface I can find needing a graffiti upgrade.

I read somewhere that writing things down helps you retain information. Unfortunately, the same task doesn’t help one remember where they wrote it down.

Working to create better habits one day at a time.

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