Tech No

Owning technology may not be the best bet over the next 10 years…

Chart via Evergreen GaveKal Blog

I don’t currently own any of the companies listed. I’ve owned Facebook, Google and Microsoft in the past, but sold them all prematurely. I don’t plan on buying them now. Not necessarily because of the above chart, mostly because I’ve been waiting for other stocks to become cheaper. I’m searching for value and dividends.

After reading the post where I found the above chart, I may be looking down some other avenues as well. I already own some Gold and have started a position in Occidental Petroleum (OXY). I can articulate why in later posts.

If the dollar does trend lower, oil prices could trend higher. Gold would continue higher and inflation may be just around the corner.

I have no idea, of course. No one does. But technology will not rule forever. Or, maybe it can. Curious eyes will be watching 👀

The author of the post cited above, Louis-Vincent Gave, was on Jesse Felder’s Podcast. Worth a listen.

Disclosure: This is just market commentary. I am not a professional. I’m just a dude with an internet connection. Nothing here is investment advice.

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