Being Creative Isn’t Hard

I just started writing this morning before opening the shop for the day. Nothing in particular, just what was on my mind at that time. It’s not something I do often. But it is something I need to do more.

A rough narrative started to emerge. Nothing spectacular, but something. So much so that I copied it over to another page so I could work on it later. What I had written could be better, so it’s worth putting more thought into.

Being creative isn’t hard. You just have to do it.

Will what I wrote this morning be the greatest thing ever? Probably not. It’s not about the content at this stage, it’s about the process. There is no right or wrong in the creative process. You created something out of thin air, how cool is that; something you can be proud of accomplishing, no matter how bad or good it may be.

You can’t create something close to perfection without mistakes; you can’t learn how to be better without those mistakes.

Be creative. Make mistakes.

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