The Power of Sunday

Sunday has become my favorite day. I wake up whenever I want; I go for a walk, maybe a run; then I grab a coffee on my way home; I swing on my porch swing while reading; sometimes I just sit; I do some work, usually of the paper variety; I read some more; I walk some more; I power nap, maybe a few chores, eat some dinner, go to bed. Magic.

I’m single and don’t have children. Enough said when it comes to owning the day. Sunday is different for me now than in the past, though. It’s peaceful. It’s the time of the week to shut off my phone, be quiet, and experience the world around me.

Sunday was the worst day of the week when I was a child. School was the next day, and I hated school. Even in the summer I had trouble shaking the weight of Sunday. Interesting how things change as you move through life.

A few years ago, in the midst of heartbreak and other depressive moments, I found a place where I could work to calm my mind. A choice was made, internally at first, where I decided a peaceful group of minutes needed to be found to just be. Sunday became that time.

We all need a block of time to calm our minds, especially living in a world of constant inputs. Some people meditate; others just need some quiet time. I’ve found the latter to be best for me and Sunday is the day. It’s been a powerful and healthy addition to my life.

To Do:

I should probably get an About Me page started


Super Secret Magic Baseball Mud (Sports Illustrated)

I’m currently in the middle of Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow (Amazon)


New TOOL Single: Fear Inoculum (Spotify)

Winning at the Self-publishing Game with Hugh Howey (The Knowledge Project Ep. #63) Highly Recommend


Full length works should be written using italics, while shorter works should be placed in “quotation marks”. (Grammarly)

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