Don’t Tear Up The Past

It’s funny. I go through phases; we all go through phases.

For some reason, every so often, I feel like tearing it all up and starting again. This blog for example:

  1. I pay for it
  2. I have a domain name, which I paid for

I haven’t written here in months and, just a few days ago, started a new blog. The newly stated goal was:

This blog will be a process of learning for which I have no endgame except to reflect on what may be going on in my world at any one time. I guess the goal would be growth; evolving to be better each day, one percent at a time.

Instead of just beginning to write here every day again, I decided to start a whole new thing, on the same service; doing the same thing I would have done here.

What would bring me to do this? Why would I scrap writing from the past for a shiny new thing?

Truth be told, I was embarrassed by previous posts. So instead of changing and evolving in the process I already started, I felt beginning from scratch was a better alternative.

Maybe it was. And, maybe it wasn’t.

My point: Growth doesn’t come from scrapping everything, forgetting and just beginning again with no regard for what came before. Growth comes when learning from the past; evolving, little by little, each day.

I shouldn’t be ashamed of what I’ve written in the past. I should read what I’ve written, be honest with myself and work to be better next time. The process never stops. The work never ends if we truly want to be better at something. The key is simply doing the work.

Therefore, I’m not going to continue the new blog; I’ve deleted it. Instead, I’m going to continue here with a new purpose. There are new habits and paths I’m working to create in my life; I don’t need to completely scrub the past to be successful in the future.

Thanks for reading

Note: I uploaded the previous 3 or so posts from that short-lived blog to this blog today.

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