What Did I Do Today?

I read an interesting note by Rusty Guinn at Epsilon Theory today. As with most of the Epsilon pieces, this was worth the reading time. His definition of work, I think, is spot on.

One thing caught my attention though, and felt like something I should start doing daily:

Tell A Partner or Friend What You Did. Every Day: This is a piece of advice I got from Jerry Albright, now the CIO at Texas Teachers, and it has saved my sanity. Every day when you get home, tell your spouse or partner what you did that day. Everything. Do it for two reasons. Do it to check yourself on your how much time you are wasting on looking like you’re doing your job instead of doing work. And do it so that you won’t forget to properly value how much work you really are doing.

I’m not married–never have been–and I don’t currently have a girlfriend. Therefore, I don’t have anyone to tell about my day when I get home from a day of work. My dog doesn’t count, he’s with me in the fabrication shop all day long; he sees what I do.

As I’ve stated previously, I am more of an introvert; so raving about my day usually happens internally. Although, I have always been creative and enjoyed the arts. I loved drawing and building as a child; I build custom metal boxes for a living, which in itself is a creative undertaking. Music is a passion of mine; Spotify is my most used app and I play my guitar when I get the chance.

Writing is something I’ve dabbled in over the years, usually taking the form of a private journal; mostly because saying things publicly can be scary. Who wants to be someone’s Twitter fodder for the day.

Honestly, though, no one is going to read what I have to say. Not yet anyway. Again, from Rusty’s note:

Every creative person should start a blog to express and develop their art. Do not distribute it. Do not publicize it. Do not play the ego-driven Game of You. Erase it all every six months if that’s what you need to do, because odds are you have nothing interesting to say! But start training your voice NOW, because one day you will.

Exactly! I don’t have anything interesting to say here and now, but I may, someday. Most of us don’t have anything very interesting to say 90% of the time. However, someday we might and the only way to make the readers time worthwhile is to put in the work day after day.

I love the process of writing my thoughts out, even if they are pure drivel most of the time. And, like anyone, I like talking about what I did for the day. Not with arrogance, but in a reflective sort of way. I have many skills; huge ego is not one of them.

I like the idea of training my voice, learning how to distribute my thoughts in a meaningful way; even if it’s for my eyes only. The process is what I like best.

We are all individuals. We all have a voice. We all have things that happen to us throughout the day and feel like sharing them. We should all share them with someone, even if that person is ourselves.

For now, this is my place to share. I can’t promise it will be interesting. I can only promise it will be me.