The Independence of Asking “Why?”

Happy 4th of July!

Apologies, this post has nothing to do with the Signing of The Declaration of Independence.

The tagline for this blog is “Always Learning”. The question becomes….am I learning anything? Why am I learning? What am I learning? Are YOU, the reader, learning anything from me? Am I creating any kind of value?

Or maybe the question is, what am I learning about who I am and what I do so I can create that value for you the reader.

Why do I have this blog? –I got the invoice for the WordPress yearly subscription fee and realized I haven’t written anything!–Why do I get up every day and run the company I run? Why do I dwell on things that I can’t control? Why am I writing this and listening to music at the same time? Shouldn’t I be focusing on what I’m typing?

That question of “why” is something I’ve been pondering since I watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk recently.

What is my purpose and what is my belief?

Yes, I want people to believe in what I’m doing and why I fabricate sheet metal into ductwork. But the larger question for me has been “why” I do anything I do…at all…for me, the people that are important to me and the customers that use my services.

The answer is not something to which I have completely articulated in my mind yet. The “why’s” of the world have just been something consuming me of late. I’m embarrassed to say that after 40 years on this planet the seeking of “why” has not been a priority of mine up to this point.

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing” – Socrates

There are sensations of anger and shame that come with the realization that I have lived a life of sheepdom. That I’ve never sought out knowledge of how and why things work on a regular basis unless I needed something to get me to the next point. The reality of never really asking why is this happening and how does this affect me or the people around me? Or, why should I agree or disagree with that view? Not to mention actually understanding the information I am consuming.

There’s a sick feeling I get when I realized I have never really had my own mind. And, it’s all because of never taking the time to actually care about what I was consuming and why I was consuming it. I never prioritized the why. And I am lagging because of it.

Hell, just reading through the disjointedness and randomness of my earlier posts here, here, here, and here is embarrassing beyond belief.

However, there is still time and time is the only thing we actually own in this world.

Nothing about change is easy. Nothing happens in a day. The road is long and bumpy. The question is am I learning from my mistakes? Are we learning from our mistakes? Why do we do what we do as a country? Why do we do the things we do as people and citizens? Why do we all get up in the morning? How can we make it better each and every day for ourselves, our families, our communities and the people we interact with? How can we help each other to more purposeful and happy lives ahead? What will the methods be? What has to be done now to affect change in the future?

Ask yourself some questions on this Fourth of July Holiday. Ask those around you some questions. Listen and learn.

I plan on asking myself more and more questions to try and get to the bottom of the “why’s”.

This is my Independence Day! How about you?


Simon Sinek Books:

Start With Why

Leaders Eat Last

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