Fortnite is Making $1.8 Million a Day

Fortnite CharactersThat number blows my mind.

I don’t play video games, so the fascination with many of these games is lost on me.

I have never played Candy Crush or Pokemon Go. When I was younger I played Tetris…a little, and Madden NFL Football and NHL Hockey occasionally.

Video games always felt like a waste of time, so the addiction never really caught on with me. Didn’t help that I was a terrible player. Any time I played at a friends house, I would be decimated in seconds and usually tapped out soon after. My ineptitude at gaming always left me frustrated. I was always better suited for real-life sports.

Obviously,  I am an anomaly. People love video games and the popularity seems to be increasing.

These days I am more interested in the psychology and business of games and gaming in general. Especially the coming onslaught of eSports.

Fortnite seems to be the new leader and is rising each and every day, apparently raking in $1.8 Million a day.

Fortnite is absolutely crushing the competition and it’s not even available on Android yet!

The most interesting thing to me is the buying of “things” inside the game that don’t even give you an edge over the competition.

From ReCode:

The astonishing thing about players spending money on Fortnite isn’t that they’re spending money on a mobile game — it’s that none of the spending helps them play the mobile game. You can buy cool outfits, gear and even dance moves in Fortnite, but none of it gives you an advantage over other players — all of the good you buy are not only virtual, but cosmetic.

This says to me that the younger generation has a real connection with their game persona. They want them looking and being cool. They want them to have the best of what’s available.

Kinda like when I wanted Reebok Pumps because my buddy in class got them. They see it and want the same or better thing for their character.

Virtual cool is way better than IRL Cool.

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