Opening Day Holiday 2018

Opening Day of the 2018 Baseball Season!

Today is the biggest Holiday of the year for my family, excluding me. I love baseball and have been a Mets fan my entire life. However, my fanatical ways have waned as the years have passed. Not so for the rest of the clan. The New York Mets are the closest thing to a higher power for my family, my Father especially. My Father, Brother-in-Law, Sister, and Mother are dedicated. They rarely miss an inning. Their blood may actually run Blue and Orange. (Brown)

My family, excluding myself, takes the day off to watch Opening Day of the new baseball season each and every year. My Brother-in-law wished my niece had been born on this day two years ago.

I run the family business, so my priorities have changed, and I choose to work instead. In the future, this may change. For now, my joy comes from their passion and tradition for the New York Mets. They love it, and I love watching their love for it. Many times, as the season drags on, all I’m watching is how they deal with certain pain. We are Mets fans after all.

But this day, year in and year out is different. Opening Day brings out their hope and love of the New York Mets and the game of baseball. Thier optimism is at its peak and it’s great to see their excitement early in the season.

Today my mom and dad are lucky enough to be at Citi Field and watch the team and game they love. I’m so happy for them! My dad retired from the company this year and my mom has worked for 45 years at her Law Firm, where she still works. They deserve the chance to enjoy the team they love so much on, what I feel, is their favorite Holiday.

Enjoy Opening Day Baseball Fans!

Let’s GO METS!

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