Stitch Fix!!

I f’ing love Stitch Fix!

I just received my first “Fix” as it is called and it was fantastic.

I really like clothes, but I have no idea how to style myself and therefore have no good clothes.

My sister took me shopping once and it was great because she was there helping pick things out. I ended up getting eight articles of clothing that day. However, there was pressure to buy a bunch of stuff because I had no interest in going clothes shopping every again and especially not by myself. That was a one and done thing. I haven’t been shopping since…until I heard about Stitch Fix!

First of all, it felt like Christmas opening the box. I got really excited when it showed up today. My favorite part was being able to try the stuff on in a comfortable environment. I realize that may sound weird, but I never really liked trying things on in the store fitting rooms but always wanted to have nice clothes. Fun fact, if you don’t try the stuff on, you don’t buy clothes that fit and look good. I am a prime example of this phenomenon and never went back to exchange anything. I just kept wearing the ill fitting clothes. Also, trying things on always peaks my anxiety. It suuucks! No guys like trying shit on and that’s why I would recommend Stitch Fix to any guy.

With Stitch Fix I could try stuff on, roam around the house and see if my new duds looked good with any of my older clothes. Something you can’t do when you’re in a store.

I don’t allocate a lot of capital to clothes and style, so it’s nice to start my own little closet of decent things to wear. The prices are very reasonable and I expect to start a small budget so I can actually have a few nice items to choose from. I love my t-shirts, but I’m going to be turning 40 and it would be nice to put decent clothes on every once and a while.

The Fix had five items in the package. Three shirts, a pair of pants and socks. I kept two items (The pant and a flannel button down) and am exchanging another for a better fit (A button down shirt), so three total. All in all, I loved the choices, but some of the fits were a little off. The sweatshirt was a little baggy and I don’t have a need for socks.

The only issue I really had was the socks. I feel like I can grab colorful socks anywhere for cheaper than $32 for two pair. I made a note of that when I checked out and paid for the items I kept.

They provide you a bag to place the items you ant to send back in and you pop it in the mailbox and went for your next Fix.

Could. not. be. easier.

I have a feeling Stitch Fix Boxes will be showing up on my porch often in the future.

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