Devotion To A Task

Focusing and appreciating one thing at a time…

I have trouble staying on task throughout much of the day. The only time I seem to concentrate is when I am building duct for a customer. Fabricating, the one thing I have done for over 20 years, is the one solace I have from all the ills of the world.

It’s a place where I can focus. It is my comfort zone.

However, these days I am the boss and my duties of “builder’ are only needed when the shop gets behind schedule. Otherwise, I am working to figure out how to make this little company grow.

The task is arduous.

Honestly, if it was easy, I wouldn’t like doing it very much. But, it’s out of my comfort zone, out of my skill set. The learning process is what intrigues me more than anything and the journey is what is starting to fascinate me.

My problem is that I tend to multi-task, instead of concentrating and appreciating the duties at hand. For some reason my brain has not recognized the similarity of building something tangible with something that is not as tangible.

I recognize that finishing a document, creating a system or dealing with company issues is relatively tangible. Something has been produced from start to finish. However, my brain has just not made the satisfaction connection like it does when I am fabricating metal.

When I fabricate something there is a focus on what needs to be done. There is a hierarchy, a succession of events to build the piece from flat metal into a three dimensional object.

Writing business documents, pricing strategies and meetings just don’t have the same affect on me. I don’t have a system or hierarchy in my brain to get the job done task by task, so there is no satisfaction when something is completed. There is more of a, “Thank god that’s finally over!”

Truth is, I know what I am doing now is the most important part and that it will benefit the company, my employees and family in the future. I am learning a new process. I am changing, personally and professionally. The long road is hard for a reason.

I will get there, but there needs to be an appreciation for the task at hand.

There must be a focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise, there is chaos.


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