Lithium-Ion Please!

I don’t make a whole lot of money. My business is small and we are in a growth process, so the majority of profit go’s toward the company. Plus, we are restructuring from a mom and pop business to an actual, living, breathing company. More in later posts.


The money I do have, I save first and then invest the remainder in the markets. I would classify myself, bankroll wise, as a micro investor. I do have a meager retirement account that I run and pump as much money into as possible. The rest I trade with the Robinhood App and with a Fidelity account. I buy mostly small lots of stocks. Anywhere from 5 to 100 shares.

You have to start somewhere!

Currently, I’m very long term bullish on lithium (Not the drug) as more electric cars come to market and lithium-ion batteries gain in popularity. Josh Brown confirmed my thoughts on this subject recently and even mentioned the stock I have been looking at for a bit. And I’m not just saying that…however, this is why you create your public record.

I had (ALB) Albemarle on my radar for a while but had not pulled the trigger.


Today, I pulled that trigger.

The stock opened down this morning after earnings last night and I bought 2 shares at $117.82 (I bought this with my Fidelity account and this price includes my commissions).

The stock has been down further throughout the day, but I’m a long term guy so that does not really bother me at this point. I’ll watch if it continues downward and maybe add a few more.

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