Creating My Public Record

Fred Wilson had a post that spoke to me this morning.

Creating a public record is kinda what I’m going for with this blog.

With that in mind, it can be hard for me to find my honest voice sometimes. Therefore, another part of this blog experiment is to be myself and not let my anxieties dictate how I live or create in this world.

I often feel bad about myself and think I’m not good enough at things I enjoy. What I fail to realize is, practice and putting yourself out there is the best way to face the fears, to find a voice and those inherent skills that will make you successful.

One way to find that voice and keep myself accountable is to create a public record. I write in a journal everyday, keeping thoughts about everything, links to articles I’ve read, quotes that speak to me and more. But it’s not public. It doesn’t hold me accountable for the good and the bad.

I’m a note taker and a jotter. I always feel I will forget something if I don’t jot it down. Ironically, my file system is terrible and I can lose things easily.

All a work in progress.

I grew up feeling ignorant when I put my ideas out there. Not because people were telling me I was stupid, but because my fears and anxieties kept me in a box. I’ve spent the last few years working my way out of that box and it’s been a long, hard road. Anything of substance in your life is usually very difficult.

Owning and running the business has helped come out of my shell. However, this business and metal fabrication is what I’ve done for 20 years in some way, shape or form. This is what I know. It is my life. I’ve created my own, working comfort zone and it can keep me from doing things I’m interested in and enjoy.

One of my goals is to get out of this zone. To face the things that scare me the most. Facing the fear is never an easy thing. But I have to put myself out there if I have any chance of realizing my true potential.

My blog experiment is a way to help me get out there. To create a record of what I’m doing and find new paths to enjoyment and success.

I want to be happy with myself in this life.

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