Moving to WordPress

Maybe it’s just me, but does everyone have a blog post with this title?

I was using Squarespace for a few weeks, but it’s just not what I wanted it to be. I use the service for my company website and it’s great! However, the blog platform just feels wrong. Granted, I’m still getting my feet wet, trying to stay consistent with blogging. but a good writing platform is a good writing platform.

Squarespace has great features and I enjoy them, but the platform is made for websites, not blogs.

I think I’ll be happier over here.

One thought on “Moving to WordPress

  1. [ Smiles ] For starters, WordPress was created from the ground up with blogging in mind (That makes it an ideal platform for blogging).

    Now, you said that blogging on Squarespace did not feel right. Could you elaborate a bit further on that?

    Also, there are a handful of successful blogs over at Squarespace.

    Anyway, the WordPress community is a very supportive one and you should be able to check out various categories of blogs via the WordPress reader.

    For the record, I blog over at Blogger. I used to have a WordPress blog; therefore I am in a position to tell you that it is a great place to blog.


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