A Colossal Military Disaster

 I have not been to a movie in roughly six months. There’s a good chance this is the longest stretch for me not venturing out to the theaters. However, since I cancelled Netflix and got rid of my television, my goal is to get out to the movies more often. 

Today I went to see Dunkirk

The new World War II film from Christopher Nolan.

I am by no means a film critic, so I won’t try to intuitively describe why you should or should not see the film. My assessment is this…

The film is magnificent in the way it’s shot and how it flows. The dilogue was stark, but  the powerful imagery and intense scenes make up for it. I was impressed with the cast as a whole, with no real standouts to speak of. Everyone in the film was fantastic. I really felt like the lack of a standout performance was done on purpose. Whether by how the script was written or through direction, the film as a whole was very well done.

I would highly recommend the movie to anyone. For reference, I saw the film in 2D, not IMAX. 

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