When You Realize Something……

Today was a strategic day at the fabrication shop. My general manager Ray and I working back and forth, crunching numbers to find the best path for the business over next 5 months of the year. All of which will help to blaze a path to our goals as we work on growing the company for years to come.

Fifteen years ago I never would have seen myself in this position. Back in those days the company was just my father and I against the world. We worked to work because that’s who we were….then. We didn’t concentrate on growth because it wasn’t about building a business, it was about getting the work done to the best of our abilities and providing quality for the customer. We wanted to put out a good product as fast as we could. Yes, our prices were WAY too low and we worked WAY longer hours than we should have, but that was the gig. We didn’t care how long it took to get the job done because it was about satisfying the customer and putting food on the table. Anyone running or has run a small business knows, it consumes you.

My father and I let the business consume us. We let the business run us and that was where we failed. We needed a change in our ideology of how the company ran so we could A.) continue to satisfy our customers and B.) not burn ourselves out in the process.

Over the last few years I have worked to change the ships direction because my father and I don’t want this business to run us down anymore. We want to work on our business, not let our business run us.

I had heard similar phrasing in the past and never really paid attention to what it meant. Since hiring Ray and paying more attention I am finally realizing what needs to be done as the company moves forward. I am grasping the ideas that can make us a stronger business and help our customers grow their businesses as well.

Going to work is a lot more fun now. The work is harder because that’s the gig…..it will always be the gig. The long road is never easy. The difference for us is, I am paying attention now and the fog is beginning to lift, clearing a the path to goals I never thought possible.

I work daily to attain those goals now……personally and professionally.

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