No Focus, The Big Deal About Alexa and BIM Technology

I mentioned yesterday how this blog has literally NO focus…..yet. I feel like there needs to be some R&D when it comes to how this whole thing runs going forward. For the last few years I have written what some may classify a journal….debatable. Basically, it’s a page of haphazard musings about my day, with links to interesting articles I read and notes about things that cross my mind. The chaos of it all is like a window into, what seems to me anyway, is a ridiculously disorganized brain. I’m being dramatic, but there is some truth to the latter with how it shows on the page.

Blog time will tell…..

Here’s a few things I found interesting today.

I own a Amazon Echo and Dot. One Dot for upstairs and one Echo for downstairs. I use them for the same mundane tasks cited in the wonderful essay linked below, but lately I have moved the majority of my shopping to Amazon because I have trouble keeping domestic lists, which is also, interestingly enough, referenced in the essay. Most of my organization focus is on the company I run, not my home life. This essay on why Alexa is a big deal is worth a read.

Compound Interest. Know it. Love it. Utilize it!

I’m not an engineer but if I was I would invest in BIM technology immediately. Honestly, as my company grows I hope to be able to invest in BIM ourselves at some point. For now, many of the companies we fabricate for are not using it, so the investment would not be worth it at this stage. My hope is that will change quickly in the future and we all can benefit from the beauty of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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