We All Have to Start Somewhere

There is no real point to this blog, no substance or intended direction. The reasons for starting it, again, are nonexistent. I’m not really sure how to do it well, or of my abilities to write and articulate my musings with any kind of consistency or benefit to the reader.

I am officially flying blind…..

However, I try to read and learn as much as I can on a daily basis along with working to grow my families HVAC duct fabrication business. We have been around for close to 30 years, with the last few focused on reworking the company for growth. We are five people strong with family support all around to help pick up any slack. We are a true family business.

The company and industry will be a topic here along with my other interests and hobbies. I love reading about business. I find the capital markets to be a fascinating subject, warts and all. I caught the investing bug years ago and love to learn and participate as much as I can, or at least as much as my bank account will allow.

Music is a big part of my life. I often wonder what society would look like without it….terrifying! Television and movies have always been a big draw for me, although those have trailed off over the last few months. I scrapped my television and Netflix account a month or so ago so I could read more books. Like sweets in the pantry, I have this notion that if they’re not there, then I won’t indulge. I have been purging things in my house of late with that phrase running through my mind. There are no shelves in my basement simply because, if there is no where to put things, then I won’t keep unnecessary items or buying unnecessary items.

So far it’s working.

Above all else I have been hyper focused on balancing myself, learning ways to stress less and accomplish more. I’ve learned a few things about myself and life over the last few years and I hope to share some of my findings as we go along.

The biggest thing for me lately is figuring out who I am, what I want and what kind of life I want to lead in the future as I approach 40 years on this earth. I’m not married and have no children. I have a wonderful family, great friends, a dog and a business that is my life. Not because I am a workaholic, although that is debatable, but because this year marked my 20th year working for and now running the company. K & E Sheet Metal LLC is who I am. Without it I’m not sure what my life would look like.

Till tomorrow…..

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